Global Sustainability on Forests and Wildlife

It comes as no-shocker to everybody that our planet is in serious danger right now. Not only have we human beings polluted the green lands and surroundings, but have also put the wildlife in huge danger as well. Because of our deeds, even the flora and fauna are now suffering global warming and so many species are now on the verge of extinction. We even take pride in killing animals for their skin, teeth, claws, and bones and leave them to die and rot until the earth takes them in. As a species, we human beings are developing at a very impressive pace and are making our lives easier every day. But we fail to understand the repercussions that are falling upon the innocent beings that have nothing to do with any of it but still have to suffer.

Main issues:

If the present situation continues to thrive, life on earth is bound to get difficult mainly because of overpopulation by human beings, the unbalanced ecosystem, and mismanagement of needs. Forests and Wildlife help to keep a balance in the biosphere and are important to human species in various ways such as pollination, exchange of gases, food, and controlling climate.

Many iconic species such as Elephants, rhinoceros, cheetahs are declining at very high speed due to hunting and poaching. Trading and illegal business of animals have led to the loss of many species which is a major loss to biodiversity as a whole. There are many forest areas such as African and Asian forests where Elephants are killed by local farmers to prevent them from entering their farms and eating away the vegetation. This situation could be avoided by using certain measures and planning land use efficiently. Animals in many regions of the world have started to lose immunity in their bodies are growing prone to diseases.

Management techniques:

There are many government and private organizations which have taken the issue seriously and have been working to improve the situation as much as possible. Such organizations follow various techniques and methods that could be used by us so that wildlife and forests could be rescued.

The organizations usually work according to the area they are in. The basic technique is to study the loss that the region has suffered and how has the human population been involved in the loss. The locals could be involved in tourism and illegal uses of those animals like tourism and entertainment. Raising importance for the wildlife and forests in the minds of the local people through various techniques is a part of the program.

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General awareness:

Public awareness and education can work wonders in such cases as only we human beings can help the situation and save thousands of animals who are prone to losing their lives because of our selfish needs. Awareness related to management, planning, and illegal uses is compulsory almost everywhere to make sure these organizations are being heard. Laws against animal hunting and trade are also made stricter to keep human involvement as scarce as possible and keep flora and fauna safe.